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System Wide (Advanced)

After completing the foundation and intermediate courses, trainees will be ready to learn how to access the entire public transport network in our System Wide course. It’s time to go out, explore and have some fun!

Trainees will only be accepted onto the advanced program when they have demonstrated competency in all skills learned on previous courses.

The advanced level course will build upon and add to skills developed in earlier courses, and upon completion of this program the trainee will:

  • Find the address of the destination using a telephone, the internet, or other means
  • Confidently and effectively use the TFL Journey Planner either on a computer or mobile telephone
  • Decide the best way to get to the destination
  • Use a mobile phone to help navigating the streets
  • Always cross the road safely, using designated crossing points if available
  • Find the correct bus stop / station
  • Pay for the journey with an Oyster Card, Zip Card or Freedom Pass
  • Recognise the correct bus / train / tube and board appropriately
  • Find an appropriate place to sit / stand
  • Recognise where they need to get off the bus / train / tube and signal the driver appropriately
  • Successfully complete interchanges – following signs or asking appropriate people for directions / assistance if necessary
  • Competently use the bus, tube, train, DLR, taxi, river services and cable car where necessary
  • Safely complete the journey
  • Know what to do and where to seek help if and when a journey doesn’t go according to plan
  • Know what to do and who to contact in an emergency

Tuition Fees – System Wide (Advanced)

£25 per hour

10% Discount when you buy 10 hours


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