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Road Safety (Foundation)

The road safety (foundation) course from Environmentally Challenged enables the trainee to begin building their own ‘toolkit’ of essential skills required to stay safe as a pedestrian on London’s busy roads.

Upon completion of this program the trainee will:

  • show ability to identify dangers/hazards when out and about and respond appropriately
  • demonstrate a sense of personal safety, security of belongings etc.
  • identify basic numbers and simple colours, eg. Bus numbers and Underground lines
  • remember their full home address and at least one telephone number
  • identify and locate the safest places to cross the road
  • safely and confidently cross the road using traffic islands, zebra, pelican and puffin crossings
  • only cross without a designated crossing point when absolutely necessary
  • negotiate kerbs, steps, escalators, lifts etc. or find alternative routes where possible
  • consider options, make decisions and act upon them
  • communicate needs when and where appropriate
  • use assistive technology effectively
  • seek and accept help from an appropriate source when necessary
  • understand the need for socially acceptable behaviour


All trainees must demonstrate proficiency in the above areas before progressing to the intermediate or advanced course.


Tuition Fees – Road Safety (Foundation)

£20 per hour

10% Discount when you buy 10 hours


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