Two Bridge Loop – Step Free

The Two Bridge Loop is a circular step free route starting and ending at the Borough High Street exit of London Bridge Station.

After safely crossing Borough High Street, the route passes through Borough Market before heading West along the Thames towards the Tate Modern, taking in a great many sights on the way.

The Tate Modern features step free access throughout and has several disabled bathrooms, including one Changing Places toilet in the basement level.

The first river crossing is made using the Millennium Bridge where you can take in some amazing views of the London Skyline as you head directly towards St Paul’s Cathedral.

The route then continues to the East along the riverside path before making the second river crossing using London Bridge, visiting the Shard, and returning to the Underground station.

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This route was created by Environmentally Challenged for Oak Lodge School who undertook an Over The Bridges and Up The Shard Charity Challenge.

Here is the pdf version for you to download and print.


A quick update;

October has been a very busy month for Environmentally Challenged with new travel trainees, group lessons at Oak Bridge 19+ Provision, and an epic adventure into Central London with Oak Lodge School for their ‘Over the Bridges and Up the Shard Charity Challenge’! It’s time for a long overdue update…

One to One Travel Training

Our newest budding independent traveller is making great progress in learning how to safely complete his journey between home and college using the Single Journey program.

Stop the bus
Here’s our latest trainee practising stopping the bus independently on his way home from college.

Just a few lessons in and he can already remember both the walking route and the bus route. Well Done! The next task is learning how to cross the road safely and confidently every time.

Group Road Safety and Travel Training Lessons

Oak Bridge students are really enjoying their weekly Road Safety and Travel Training sessions with Environmentally Challenged. A wide variety of activities, resources and approaches are used in each session to ensure that every child benefits.

An Oak Bridge student building a huge Jigsaw for Road Safety Role Play
An Oak Bridge student building a huge jigsaw for use with the class in Road Safety Role Play.

Please see the Resources section of the website to access a selection of road safety activities from around the internet, along with some exclusive content from Environmentally Challenged.

Over the Bridges and Up the Shard Charity Challenge

As soon as I heard about Oak Lodge’s Charity Challenge I thought that it was an amazing idea – getting over 150 students with a range of complex needs, learning difficulties, autism and physical disabilities into the centre of London using public transportation, crossing the Thames using as many bridges as possible, going up The Shard to soak in the view, and getting back to school… all before 15.30… now that’s a challenge!

Step free access to the Thames Path... in a funky lift from Millennium Bridge
Step free access to the Thames Path – Two wheelchair users coming down from Millennium Bridge in a funky lift

Environmentally Challenged produced several step free route plans to ensure that all students, including those with reduced mobility and wheelchair users, could participate in and enjoy the whole experience. Both the ‘Step Free Route at London Bridge Station’ and ‘Oak Lodge Challenge – Step Free Route‘ are available to download freely for anyone who may find them useful.

Waving to our friends at the top of The Shard
Waving to our friends at the top of The Shard

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