Environmentally Challenged is a new service which started in January 2015. The primary role is to provide road safety, travel training and functional skills tuition to school leavers, college students and young adults with disabilities, learning difficulties and/or special educational needs.

Living in London, we are fortunate in having a great many, diverse opportunities right on our doorstep, though in order to access many of these opportunities you must be able to get yourself to your destination safely and confidently. Through learning when, where and how to safely cross roads, navigate the streets, access public transportation and how to find help if you need it, you can unlock the wonders of the built environment and work towards independence at the same time.

Designed and presented in such a way as to offer a personalised, hands-on approach to accessing the city, the travel training courses on offer from Environmentally Challenged are delivered on a one to one basis, putting you at the centre of the program and tailored to meet your particular needs and aspirations.

So long as you have a desire to learn, an appreciation of danger, and the will to succeed, rapid progress can be made. This in turn will help boost your confidence and help in the building of your own ‘Travel Toolkit’, full of skills essential for independent travel.

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