Environmentally Challenged currently offer 3 levels of travel training for school leavers and young adults (aged 14+) with disabilities, learning difficulties or special educational needs.


WAIT - Pelican Crossing
Road Safety (Foundation)

Road Safety (Foundation)

If you are completely new to independent travel, our Road Safety course is the place to start. On this course you will learn when, where and how to cross roads safely and independently. We will go out and practice road safety around your home, school or college so you can start to make the most of areas that you visit often. The skills that you develop along the way will help to keep you safe on every journey you make in the future. All trainees must show good road safety before progressing to the next level.


N13 to North Finchley
Single Journey (Intermediate)

Single Journey (Intermediate)

Once you’ve got to grips with the green cross code and you stop, look, listen and think every time you cross the road – you’ll probably want to start going different places and making longer journeys.

This is the time to start learning how to use public transport with our Single Journey course. You will learn many new skills and gather lots of new information on this course, covering everything from the moment you leave your door until you arrive at your destination. You will also learn what to do if and when things don’t go according to plan. You will be taught various strategies that will help you to successfully deal with pretty much anything that the journey can throw at you.

On the Single Journey course, we will decide together the route that you want to learn, it could be from home to your school or college, club or workplace. We will follow the same route several times while you are training, starting with you being lead through every step along the way. As your skills develop, you will start to make more and more of your own decisions, and before you know it you’ll be travelling that route completely independently.


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System Wide (Advanced)

System Wide (Advanced)

After the first two courses, you are now ready to learn how to access the entire Public Transport network. It’s time to go out, explore and have some fun!

On our System Wide course you will learn how to plan and complete your journey safely wherever it is that you want to go. You might want to go meet some friends, head to the cinema, go bowling, visit a museum, go to a concert, or even venture into a nightclub (… if you’re old enough!). Sometimes this involves making one or more interchange between buses, tubes and trains and getting between them can be daunting for the inexperienced. This course will give you the skills you need do it all safely, confidently and independently.

You will learn how to find the address of places that you want to visit and how to use resources like Transport for London’s Journey Planner to find the best way to get there. Again, initially you will be supported along the entire journey and as your skills and confidence increase your trainer will begin to follow your lead.

With a little practice and determination, there will be no stopping you!

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